Basic Philosophy

We believe that all people have the ability to create great software. After all, software development is simply a means of translating a great idea into an actual application that can bring value to the world.

This is true whether the application is for your profession or simply a passion project. Software should empower, not isolate. Thus, it is extremely important for us to create a system that is easy to use and to translate ideas from the mind into a workable application.

Some will argue that this could allow for sub-par development to occur on a blockchain network. After all, many Ethereum smart contracts have been hacked because of buggy smart contracts.

While it is true that 'poor' quality code could be deployed on the Lamden blockchain, this is also true for smart contracting systems that use functional languages as a barrier of entry.

The claim is that functional languages are easier to analyze for 'correctness,' which simply means that a method will have the effects that you desire. However, no language gaurds against actual bugs.

Actual bugs come from a develop not architecting their system against edge cases. Any system can validate and protect against obfuscated data. Only a purposely designed system has checked each edge case when transitioning through states, accepting input from unauthorized parties, etc.

Lamden defends against actual bugs by integrating with Python's existing suites of testing tools. Because Contracting is Python, you can develop Contracting code in any Python IDE and write full unit and integration tests using the testing framework you like: Unittests, Nose, Pytest, and more are all supported.

No other blockchain smart contracting system is already natively integrated with the entire stack of another major language.